Regional Studies

"I have lived in the region my entire life, but have never really appreciated it until I came to Mars Hill and became a Regional Studies minor. The courses challenged me to not just look at the region, but really see it. I have been equipped with the tools to understand the people and culture of the Southern Appalachians, and I'm now beginning to learn its true beauty and value."
-Breanna Mason, class of 2011, Biology major, Regional Studies minor 

Regional Studies provides a way to understand the place where we live in terms of its history, culture and environment. This interdisciplinary program assists students in understanding their community, the region, and connections to the broader world. It encompasses all aspects of existence, combining the academic disciplines in examining place. The skills mastered in learning about one of them – the geographic region around the campus – can then be applied to other places.

The program, then, offers an interdisciplinary study of a place through its natural environment, culture, and society. Using the Blue Ridge region as the primary example, the courses emphasize experiential learning and comparative studies with other regions.

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