Fac Lucia CarterLucia Carter

Associate Professor of History & Chair of the Department of History, Religion and Philosophy

Office: 320 Cornwell
Phone: (828) 689-1199
E-Mail: lcarter@mhu.edu
Campus Box: 6662

Lucia Antonelli Carter (Laurea di Dottore in Storia, University of Bologna, Italy, 1998) is originally from Italy. Her thesis was on the 20th century French historian Fernand Braudel and his trans-disciplinary approach to history. Dr. Carter moved to the United States in 1999, where she has been teaching World History and upper-level European History courses. In the past few years she has been interested in the theory and methodology of World History, with particular emphasis on the way different civilizations conceive space, time, and history.

Courses Taught

* HIS 292: World History to 1500
* HIS 293: World History since 1500
* HIS 337: Renaissance and Reformation
* HIS 338: Early Modern Europe
* HIS 340: Twentieth-Century Europe
* HIS 390: Historiography and Methodology
* HIS 491: Senior Seminar
* LAA 221: Civic Life
* LAA 231: Critique: Faith & Reason