Spanish Education (K-12)

Preparation of the Second Language Teacher Professional at Mars Hill University ensures that at the end of the beginning second language sequence at Mars Hill University, the student will be able to write sentences in the target/second language using appropriate verb, noun, adjective, and article agreement in the present indicative tense, the preterit and the imperfect (past) tenses. The student will be able to respond verbally in the target/second language to basic spoken cues. It is important to develop the skills/abilities to answer questions in the present and past tenses with simple sentences, produce basic greetings, use the appropriate command/imperative forms, and comprehend basic oral information in the target/second language. A final goal of the beginning sequence in the second language is for the student to understand the gist of a simple reading passage in the target/second language.

During the intermediate sequence, the candidate for teacher certification will gain a more thorough knowledge of the respective cultures without preconceptions, stereotypes, or prejudices. The course material at this level leads students away from broad generalizations about life in different cultures toward a deeper understanding of that life. The student learns that the value of any culture is relative as well as the importance of an appreciation of the importance and significance of cultural differences.

A regular part of this sequence is the continuation and improvement of listening, reading, writing, and comprehension in the target language. Students explore specific aspects about certain topics relevant to the target/second culture then examine various sources of information about those topics in textual form. This can include an introduction to literary readings about some of the topics examined during the course. An important objective of the texts used in these courses is the development of reading skills in the target language.

Beyond this sequence, the student practices and improves conversational skills through contemporary cultural content and the use of critical thinking, reading, and analysis in the target/second language. The student continues to improve grammar in the target/second language through conversational exchanges and guided activities as well as reading and verbally interpreting articles containing content of contemporary interest.
At or beyond this level the student could be able to gain "hands-on" experience with out-of-class opportunities such as volunteer work with populations who speak the target/second language or, strongly recommended, time abroad in a country where the main language is the one that the student is studying.

Skills specifically addressed in second language course(s) at Mars Hill University for the candidate for teacher certification are as follows:

•textual analysis, synthesis
•active listening
•critical reading
•oral communication
•written communication
•collaborative learning
•experiential learning, reflection

Listed here are ways of enhancing and strengthening teacher preparation via courses offered at Mars Hill University in Second Languages:

a. Posing questions of human existence and connecting life and work are necessary in the development of second language teachers. It is important to enhance the necessary and practical nature of ANY second language in the current century. Learning a second language strengthens one´s own language and expands one´s perception of "culture."

b. Students begin to examine, through the study of a second language, diverse modes of inquiry and methodology by the presentation of a "view of reality" different than one´s own. For example, learning the conjugations of verbs, gender / number agreement, as well as the distinction between different moods (indicative, subjunctive) enhances one´s own language.

Course(s) for licensure in Second Language at Mars Hill University will:

a. be a language (system) different from standard English;
b. enhance the elements presented above; and
c. provide the student with AT LEAST two semesters´ material in the target language.