Physical Education (K-12)

The Health/ Physical Education and Recreation Department offers academic concentrations in teacher education, coaching, health and wellness promotion. The teacher education concentration emphasizes preparation toward teacher licensure for grades K-12. The major purpose of the Physical Education Teacher Education concentration is to provide a course of study that will enable the student to meet North Carolina licensure standards for teaching employment.

Courses in this program focus on sports skill development, philosophical and historical foundations of the discipline, scientific preparation, working with atypical students, social and psychological basis of sport and physical education, principles of learning and motor skill acquisition, teaching methodology, and program organization and administration.

Specific objectives of the program are as follows:

1. To offer the basic physical education content, concepts and tools related to the development of the physically educated person.

2. To allow the physical education teacher to understand how students learn in the psychomotor, cognitive and affective domains while perfecting his/her own ability to model skills in the said domains.

3. To aid the prospective teacher in learning to analyze movements, and to manage and motivate students so that all move toward their full physical, mental and emotional potential.

4. To offer a learning plan which will enable students to understand the pedagogical process and to practice it through peer and field experiences.

5. To help the physical education teacher to better communicate with diverse learners while advocating the virtues of physical activity for every individual in every society.

6. To provide the physical education teacher with the knowledge and competence to plan, develop, administer and assess an appropriate physical education curriculum.

7. To encourage the physical education teacher to utilize the latest technologies to enhance the learning and assessment processes in all domains.

8. To provide the student with basic concepts for teaching and conducting health education programs.

9. To provide students with the knowledge and techniques to teach diverse learners at all levels of inclusion.

10. To encourage physical education teachers to participate in every possible avenue of professional growth, such as self-assessment, technology, reflection and professional organizations.