Licensure Programs (Adult & Graduate Studies)


  1. The student should apply for admission through the Adult & Graduate Studies Office, submit an official transcript(s) of previous work, and request an evaluation of remaining requirements in the licensure area desired. The licensure areas available are as follows: Elementary Education (K-6); Middle Grades (6-9); Integrated Education (Elem Ed K-6/Special Ed K-12); Special Education (K-12) ; Secondary Education (9-12) in English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies; and Specialty Areas (K-12) in Art, English as a Second Language (ESL), Music, Physical Education, and Spanish. Add-on licensure programs available are Academically/Intellectually Gifted (AIG), ESL, Reading Specialist, and Special Education. Note: Some areas may not have courses available through the Adult & Graduate Studies evening program.
  2. The transcript(s) will be forwarded to the Chair of the Education Department to complete the evaluation and forwarded to the appropriate academic departments to review and assess remaining major requirements.
  3. A letter is sent to the applicant as soon as possible after receiving the request for an evaluation detailing remaining requirements for an institutional recommendation for licensure in the area desired.
  4. The student may schedule a conference with the Chair of the Education Department for advising upon receipt of the evaluation.
  5. The general studies component of the transcript of licensure-only students with degrees from regionally accredited institutions are considered to have met general studies requirements even though the courses may be different from those required for Mars Hill College graduation. If the student has a degree from an institution that is not regionally approved, the general studies component will be reviewed as well.
  6. Licensure only students are held to the same program requirements as traditional degree seeking students with the exception of PRAXIS I. Licensure only students are exempt from PRAXIS I.
  7. Upon completion of the requirements outlined in the initial transcript evaluation or its equivalent, he/she is recommended to North Carolina State Department of Public Instruction for licensure.