Meal Plans

Meal Plans

A meal plan is required for all students living on campus.Students in Bailey, Brown, Edna Moore, Fox, Gibson, Huffman, Jarvis, Meyers, Stroup, and Turner residence halls must utilize the Unlimited Plan. Juniors and Seniors living in the Dickson Palmer Apartments and the Townhouses may select either the Apartment Plan or the Unlimited Plan. Commuters may select either plan, if they wish to have a campus meal plan.

Charges are displayed per semester:

Unlimited Plan        

Unlimited swipes
in Pittman        

Includes $100
Lion Dollars*      
Plus 5 meal exchange swipes per week in retail facilities
$2,070.00         Bailey, Brown, Edna Moore, Fox, Gibson, Huffman, Jarvis, Myers, Stroup, Turner
Apartment Plan 
(Juniors, Seniors, & Commuters only)
150 meals
per semester            
Includes $100
Lion  Dollars*
$1,200.00 Dickson Palmer Units A/B/C, Townhouses 

*Lion Dollars: dollars to be used in on-campus dining facilities other than the Pittman Dining Hall, such as The Lion's Den and The Soda Shoppe.

Restrictions: Student meals are tracked on their student ID card. An ID card must be presented in order to enter Pittman Dining Hall or make purchases of food. ID cards are not transferable.

Special Needs: If you have a special diet, need a sick tray, or a “to-go” meal, just let the infirmary staff know in advance and Dining Services will do what it can to accommodate your needs.